Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

1. I can Fly Airplanes
2. I slow down at intersections even if I have a green light because I am scared that somebody is going to run their red light
3. I work at LA Times as a distribution manager(paper boy) for over 5 years the hours where from 12 midnight to 7am
4. At the job mentioned above I once worked for 400+ days straight without a day off
5. When I started Pharmacy school I didn't even know the generic name for Tylenol
6. I had my first cigarette when I was 12 years old.
7. I at my first beer when I was 12 years old
8. I often think about winning the lottery...Then I think about how a would distribute the money to my family and friends
9. I was not a Basketball fan 5 years ago...know I don't miss a Laker game.
10. I am upset at myself for not traveling when I had the chance
11. I am a fully converted Mac user
12. I can't drink a starbucks coffee without the cup liner thing...not sure why
13. I ran out of gas while flying once14. The first movie that gave me nightmares was Aliens
15. I have watched Driving MIss Dasiy at least 30 times
16. I have seen Rage Against the Machine 7 times in concert
17. I have totaled 2 cars
18. Failed a class once because I didn't feel like going to the Final
19. Have questions about the existance of God
20. Beleive that Doctors are messing with Natural Selection
21. Can't stand people who are intolarent of others
22. I do not eat Pickles23. Want to eventually buy a hanger and build a plane
24. Would liike to be an elected offiicial one day
25. I love Taco Bell

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laughter: This is Maika

A Pain in the Eye

My wife had to get a benign growth removed from her eye last week. The Dr had to cut it out and stitch her eye back up. If you look closely you can see the four stitches. She has been in pain all week and is taking steroids to keep the inflammation down.

As for school it was actually a bit abnormal as I actually learned a little bit today
1. CCB's (med chem)
2. Statins (IPDM)

The stress this quarter is building and we have our first test on Friday. Up to this point I have "failed" all three of the quizzes we have had. Sadly our class lost 5 members due to a horrific test during the fall quarter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mammoth 2009

Here is some pictures from our annual Mammoth trip. This is the first year that we have taken the kids

Above is the family at a lake in Mammoth
This is a picture of Porsha making a valiant effert at snow skating

Steelers in the SuperBowl

As I sit here studying for my Endo Test (on friday) the only thing I can think about is the Steelers in the SuperBowl....I can't wait until the game