Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

So last week I was complaining about not doing much here at the diabetes clinic and about how ineffective my communication was with these patients. It looks like the pharmacist in charge noticed the same thing I did. So he decided to recruit patients for some MTM (medication therapy managment). I have been busy all morning with patients reviewing their medication, making some recommendations, and talking about diet and excerise. I even have a list of pt's who are coming back next week (hopefully with their labs) so I can review further with them.

Since the theme of this post is being careful what you wish for I would like to talk about the Lakers. I have been saying over the last few weeks how boring this years NBA playoffs have been and how there needs to be more drama. We'll the Lakers must have heard because they lost on Saturday which extend the series and added a little drama. I have decided that the Lakers do not need to have drama. I would rather seem them win every game (by a blowout if possible).

I am glad to say that we have finally picked up the last bit of our stuff from our old rental. It took a few weeks and several truck loads but we are finally out of the old place. My daughter admitted that she was a bit sad about leaving the house. I told her that we were as well but moving on is a good thing. She also wanted to see the apartment that we lived in when she was born so I drove her by. We have been lucky looking back, to always be able to move into a bigger and nicer place. I have to say this is the first house that we have lived in that I would actually want to buy.

I have approximately 2 weeks remaining in the quarter!!!. The last quarter of didactic study ever. I can't wait. It is really and truly becoming a struggle to study for anything. Wether it is a quiz midterm of final, so the sooner I'm done the better. Our midterm yesterday is a prime example...I reviewed all the material several time but completely blanked on over half the questions. Why? Because I just don't care. I am very ready to move on. I think actually being on rotations will challenge me in a different way and hopefully put some excitement into my last year of pharmacy school.

In case you are wondering I have typed this post on my iPad. Once you get used to the keyboard it is not any slower then a regular keyboard and I am at the point where i prefer the touch keyboard to the standard. As of late I have been reaching toward regular computer monitors instead of using the mouse. It's crazy how just a few months ago I was perfectly happy with the technology and know I am wondering how long it will be before all monitors have touch capabilities.

Time to finish up my lunch and get ready for some more MTM

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Waste of Time

I wonder what I am doing sometimes. Today is s complete waste of time. I have been sent to this site to educate people about diabetes and test there blood sugar. I have had two people in four hours talk to me and I think it was because they were lonely. At least I have this iPad to keep me busy.