Friday, April 27, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

This is me at our annual mammoth snowbording trip. Starbucks is a must in Juanuary during the early morning hours. The ski conditions were crappy, ice one the slopes and a wind chill that was well below 0 degrees F. At leastmy beutiful wife was with me and the football playoffs were great
It was a short trip but as usual packed with excitement here is a pic of me my wife and our friend Dez about to get on chair lift nine at Eagle Lodge
On Saturday night we had game night. There were 8 teams of two. Each team would play another team at 1 of 4 stations the winning team would get a point and choose wether to move to the next station or or stay where they are

Table hockey with my wife and Ryan

A dice game with Dez

The essentials for a five hour drive
Not sure why I posted this except that I am very excited about going to Las Vegas so I was thinking aboutmy last break, which was this trip to Mammoth

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