Friday, April 27, 2007

Coffee Anyone?

This is me at our annual mammoth snowbording trip. Starbucks is a must in Juanuary during the early morning hours. The ski conditions were crappy, ice one the slopes and a wind chill that was well below 0 degrees F. At leastmy beutiful wife was with me and the football playoffs were great
It was a short trip but as usual packed with excitement here is a pic of me my wife and our friend Dez about to get on chair lift nine at Eagle Lodge
On Saturday night we had game night. There were 8 teams of two. Each team would play another team at 1 of 4 stations the winning team would get a point and choose wether to move to the next station or or stay where they are

Table hockey with my wife and Ryan

A dice game with Dez

The essentials for a five hour drive
Not sure why I posted this except that I am very excited about going to Las Vegas so I was thinking aboutmy last break, which was this trip to Mammoth

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Is This a Commercial or a Blog

I'm not really the type of person to get super excited about new gadgets. I figure that I an get it in a few weeks or days after it goes on sale. No need to rush to the store just to wait for 12 hours to get this new item (i.e. PlayStation 3 a buddy of mine spent over 24 hours in line at wall-mart just to be one of the first to own this 500 dollar toy). Sometimes I like to wait a few months so that maybe I could pick it up at a little lower price. Costco for example will bundle things like game consoles together with extra stuff but it will still be the same price. Get to the point Downed Pilot please... OK so I am tremendously excite about Apples new IPhone. This thing is an Ipod (can't live without it, and I know you can't either) An internet device that uses Safari (Mac's Web Browser which is superior to explorer) and a crazy phone that uses a touch screen with no need for a stylus. It also has a camera and a mini speaker. My point is, YES I will wait outside of a cingular store for several hours to get this phone. A few months ago I broke my phone and I have been using this cheep $20 phone because I didn't want to spend any money on a phone when I am going to be paying big bucks for the apple iphone.

On Tuesdays I have the great pleasure of attending 8 hours of lecture before going work for an additional 7 hours. This is by far my favorite day of the week. The four two hour classes that I have are listed below, the number next to the class indicates the importance on a scale from 1-10. 1 being not at all important and 10 being of the utmost importance in my school career.
1. Environmental Chemistry (1)
2. People and Technology (1)
3. Medicinal Chemistry (2)
4. Intro to computer game design (1)
As you can see I am taking almost nothing that will mean anything to me in 6 weeks.I finished all my classes for my chemistry degree in December and the only reason I am still going is for A&P my very last pre-req for pharmacy school. The reason i am taking the classes listed above is to maintain my full time student status so that I get the full amount of financial aid. The only problem with this is that I do not care about these class and I just want them to end. Six more weeks and I am finally done with undergrad.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

T-3335 Hours and Counting

So I'm looking at my countdown to Pharmacy School, it is currently at 140 days. When I first added the counter to my blog it was at 167 days, I can't believe that it has already been 27 days since then. I haven't really paid much attention to the count down until today. I pulled out my check list of things to get done before pharmacy school starts and now I think that 140 days might not be enough.

List of things to get done in the next 140 days
1. hep C shots
2. Get Financial Aid taken care of
3. Find a new place to live
4. Graduate from CSUSB
5. Go to Hawaii for three weeks
6. Find a decent day care for my daughter
7. Pay off the credit cards
8. Pass A&P
9. Move into new place
10. Get my finger prints done

There is a lot more but I'd rather not rewrite the whole list

Unfortunately for some of my classes I am heading to Las Vegas this weekend. I have several midterms coming up next week so I guess that means that I have to study during the week before I go. This however is almost impossible, because I have roulette on my brain and I can't get is out

Between watching my wife play or playing myself I can usually spend about 80% of the time I'm in Vegas at the table. To anybody who has not had the chance to go to Las Vegas I suggest going. It is well worth the trip and the cost. We like to go for short 24 hour trips since we only live three hours away. The drive is nice with little traffic, we get a lot of talking and catching up done on the way out which is nice. Sometimes during the middle of the quarter we are so busy the only time we see each other is when we pass Ava off

The Lakers almost pulled off an upset win yesterday, I was very stressed. I couldn't even watch the last few minutes of the game because I the Lakers jut fell apart and Kobe became ice cold and was make very poor choices on his shot attempts. I have not lost hope, actually I think I have gained hope. I think they could pull this off in 7 games and finally repay the dept from last year
Good Luck Guys

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Would you like a Pint or a Schooner?

Dear Mr. Alcoholic
Thank you Mr Alcoholic for coming into my bar. I love it when you arrive five minutes before we close and you expect me to serve you for an additional 30 past close just because your special. It warms my heart when you leave me a four doller tip after spending a hundred dollers on beer and nachos for yourself. I am so pround of you when you can arrive at 3pm, exactly when I start my shift and you stay until I am done at 12am. It takes a real man to be able to drink non stop for nine hours straight. When you talk to me about your life I really care, for real I CARE. I am overjoyed by that fact that you sucked every last piece of meat from your buffalo wings. Please continue showing me those clean bones every time you accomplish this. Please don't forget to move around the whole bar and leave a cup on every table because I love following you around picking up after you. I am thrilled when you ask me (every time) to put a little extra alcohol into you drink. You need it and you ALWAYS put a little extra on my tip. I am impressed that you know how to make so many drinks, and yes I know I should learn how to make them as well. I will study and practice until I am as accomplished as you in the art of bartending. I have no problem starting happy hour, thirty minutes early and end it an hour later just because you are low on cash. I am counting the hours until we see each other again but until then have a great day.
Cheers to you
Your Tender of the Bar

Thanks to the Lone Coyote for the letter writing Idea

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

History 101

Instructor: Brandon Dittmar
Required Text: The Wheel of Time (Books 1-11) by Robert Jordon
Course Discription: This course will take you through the life of Brandon Dittmar. This is just a brief intructory course that will give an outline of the major events that has broight him to where he is currently and may suggest where he is headed to in the future.

1980: Born on Thankgiving in Sacramento Ca. My mom was so thankful to get me out after 36 hours of labor
1981: My father beleived that the end was near. In order to prepare for the second coming he sold the house and bought some land in Tenn. We move to this land and live in a tent until he can biuld a 10x10 ft shack. No electricity, no running water, no bathroom, nearest neighbor a long two mile walk (he sold the car when we arrived)
1982: My brother was born to the sound of Kum By Ya, yes, sung by my father whilw my mother was giving bitrth in our shack
1985: So the space shuttle Challenger exploded and I was watching it on live TV. thinking it was fireworks I yelled at my Mom to comw over and watch the show. She had to explain to me what actually happened. From that day on I have wanted to be an astronaut, Im not sure why I have been compelled ever since I watched the shuttle explode.
1987: Start Kindergarten at age 7, I was very slow
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1988: My mom had a big year, and when looking back I realize how hard it must have been. She left my A-hole father and started nursing school at the local community college. She worked full time had myself and my brother and went to school.
1990:Mom graduates and promptly moves us out to Ca to live with a guy she meet on New Years (we moved in June). My first thought of CA was how nasty and brown it was. I was pretty pissed off. Also I was missing my first ever girlfriend.
1996:I went to a school retreat and got caught smoking. They drove me home and in the drive way was a new honda (it was my birthday weekend) The priniclpe woke my parents and explianed to them why he had brought me home two days early. When I woke up the next moring...No new Honda.
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1997: For the first time I expereinced the public school system. I switched from a private school to a public high school. It was one of the biggest culture shocks of my life up until that point. The private school hod only about 110 kids in the whole high school. The public school had about 1500 so it was a whole new world.
2000: I graduated from Yucaipa High School and start to fly a few months later before the end of the year I obtained my Private Pilot Certificate an was working toward my commercial pilot certification.
2002: Meet my future wife at a party in Redlands
2003: Get married in September to my beutiful wife Porsha. She is from Hawaii and was a graphic design major. I also start classes at California State University San Bernardino
2004: We find out that we are pregnant, considering that this was the last thing we planned on it was very nerve racking. We had to move out of our single bedroom and into a two bedroom so that we could have more space for the baby.
2005: My Daughter was born
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2007: Get accepted into Pharmacy School at LLU
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