Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kobe: Whats Your Beef

You know when people ask you who your hero/heros is/are, typically the answer is "My Mom" or "Martin Luther King Jr." for the obvious reasons. It all seems so cliche to me. There are a lot of people that influence me and that I have great respect for, however I have never truly had a hero until recently. Kobe Bryant is my first offical hero. He just scored an average of 56 points per game over the last four games. He is smashing Michael Jordans records and getting ever so close to Wilt Chamberlains seemingly God Like numbers. It is so exciting and powerful to watch Kobe score at will against double and triple teams. I am proud to be a laker fan and can't beleive I get to watch history happening every time I watch a game.

Kobe should be MVP, but guess what, it won't happen becasue there are still to many Kobe haters. Why are they so jealous?

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