Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank You: Dr. Travis Grimes

I had two friends in undergrad at CSUSB, my wife and Travis.  When and where we meet is lost in an undergrad haze.  I know that we started having classes together doing our sophomore year.  Eventually we started studying together for Organic Chemistry.  There was a lot of smart people in that class but Travis and I would get the top, or near top grades in the class.  We always had a friendly competition with the scores on the quizzes and tests but our scores were always close.  Since we were two of only about 10 Chemistry Majors for our year we had basically all our classes together from then on.  As the quarters rolled on and the classes became harder and harder (Physical Chemistry and Linear Algebra were by far the hardest classes I have ever had) I started to depend on Travis.  He was/is very focused on what ever task is at hand.  He would often be at the library hours before I showed up studying.  I of course would show up about an hour before a big test, having not studied at all.  He would then go up to the chalk board and go through everything that I needed to know.  Sometimes (not often) I would actually score better then him because his review was so good (he would get a little mad about that).  There is not doubt in my mind that I would not have received that grades that I did and passed the classes that I did without Dr. Travis Grimes pushing me to the limits of my intelligence and providing me with a solid work ethic.  Through out the years anytime we would see each other in the morning for the first time we would call each other Doctor (Good Morning Dr. Grimes).  We would chuckle and dream about the future.  After undergrad I went to Pharmacy school and he went to Washington University (the one in Pullman) to get a PH.D.  So in a few weeks we will actually get to call each other Doctor, for real!!! Thank you Travis and good luck with everything that you do.

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Travis and Liz Grimes said...

Dr. Dittmar,
You are very welcome. I enjoyed the times we studied together. Although I remember you usually getting the better scores (you always managed to beat me by a few points) on the tests and quizzes. A testament to your intelligence. I think the reviews I gave before the tests helped me as well. I'm glad you made it through Pharmacy school pal, you deserve all the success in the world. I will be graduating Jun 10, and start my new job as a postdoc at INL June 27. The future looks bright for us both, good job doctor.