Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank You: Mom

My mom had always told me that I was "smart" but I am not sure she actually believed that I was smart until after I started Pharmacy School.  But not matter what she thought she has supported me every step of the way (Even if sometimes I took the wrong step). I have always respected my mom, but it was not until after I had kids and going to school full time and working as much as possible that I realized the sacrifice and hard work that my mom did to survive.  I had my amazing wife to lean on, but my mom had nobody, just me, my brother, and herself.  She was able to work full time while completing her AA degree and becoming an RN.  Every time I would get frustrated and feel like giving up I would think back to those times and realize that my mom had it much harder then I.  Over the past eight years she had been there every time we needed her even when she was going through some hard times of her own.  Probably the most help has been, then babysitting.  She would drive down from Angelus Oaks every morning and pick up Ava.  Then in the evening she would drive down to drop her off.  She would/does watch both the kids on weekends so that Posrha and I can go out for some adult time.  Of course my mom has always been there to help however she can financially as well.  Helping me get loans for school or giving me an extra $20 here and there to "Go have a nice time".  Thank you mom without your love and support I do not think that I would have made it this far. 

P.S. could a borrow a $20...I pay you back ASAP

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