Thursday, March 8, 2007

In The Beginning......

I spent the day reading blogs from Pharmacy students living at variuos locations around the US it was very interesting so I decided to start my own. So before I begin I just want to explain a few things about my writing style.

1. I have absolutely zero ability at placing proper punctuation. There are many things that I can do very well (Fly airplanes, Math, being a father, chemistry, ect) unfortunatley I was sleeping during the punctuation lesson in 5th grade and I just haven't been able to catch up since

2. My spelling is really bad. This does two things for me.
a. Lets me create words that nobody has ever used before
b. Severly limits my vocabulary

3. I somtimes will just write for the sake of writig so I tend to be jumbled and confusing

My plan is to take you, my readers through pharmacy school with me and my family. I can't promise anything super interesting but I will let you know ever thing that happens every step of the way

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