Monday, August 6, 2007

Getting *&*^* from both ends

There is a good reason why I have not posted in a month and a half. I have not done anything since graduation except work and hang out with the family. I decided that I would not start posting again until about a week before I started school, but something happened that I felt was post worthy. We had both of our cars parked on the street in front of our house late on monday night. We watched some movies and went to bed. The next moring the cops were knocking on the door. They asked us what happened to our cars. We of course had no clue that anything had happened during the night. We slowly realized what had happened, somebody hit us late in the night. They slammed into the honda and pushed into the truck and pushed both cars about nine feet donw the street. Then they left the scene bafore they could get caught. The Honda is totalled and thetruck needs some front end work. The worst thing about this is that we had a $1000 deductable for each car so it is going to cost us 2K
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The honda before its death RIP 2002-2007
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The truck before is was brutally beatin
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We hope to fill the void with this

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