Sunday, February 24, 2008

MIA: This is me

I have been gone for a long time so let me recap the last 9 months

1. Started Pharm School
2. Found out we are having another kid
3. Finished 1st quarter of Pharm school (barely)
4. Holiday Vacation
5. Started 2nd quarter of pharm school
6. Found out the baby is a Boy
7. Finishing up midterms
8. Preparing for daughters 3rd Birthday
9. Hoping to pass 2nd quarter of pharm school

1 comment:

Gabe and Jen said...

hey, i'm excited to hear your having a boy. we can't wait to spend some time with Ava soon (happy birthday!). we miss seeing you guys. we're hoping to come back this year. Angels first game in: 27Days 5hours 37Mins 7Sec.