Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MIxed Emotions: This is Me

I can't believe that the Lakers lost last night.  Kobe had a good game but did not get an assist, Pau played better but still not to his usual standard.  The "Killer Bees" what a joke, I'm really missing Farmar, Ariza and Sash right know (And so are the Lakers). 

On a more exciting note, I am just 1.5 days from finishing up my rotations.  36 weeks of  &*$%  well not 36 more like 24 weeks, bookended with two great rotations.  This is going  to be a crazy month.  The wife and I leave for NYC in two weeks then when we get back it's all about graduation.  I have a week and a half of review in class and I also want to take the kids to an airshow, and don't forget about Mothers Day.

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