Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Grade has been Stolen: Reward if Found

Four Weeks until I graduate from CSUSB with a BS in Chemistry. I have not been very excited until the last week about graduating, but after this round of midterms I realized that I only have a few short papers to write and Finals. After Four years of school I am almost there. My undergrad was hard at times but hopefully it prepared me for pharmacy school.

Currently I am in class and not very happy. I just found out that I lost 10% on my A&P midterm because I forgot to put a 1 in the box that said grade level. This is standard practice for all tests that uses this scan-tron and I have been doing it for the last four years. For some reason I did not fill in the 1 before I turned it in, I have never forgot this little procedure before. So 10% is gone with no chance of return because of a mental lapse that I had. I do not think that 10% is fair at all I can see taking 1 or 2 questions worth of points which would be about 1-2% on this test but 10% is crazy. This test was 125 questions, so that means 12 of the questions I got right have been voided. I estimated about 25 hours of studying for this test or 12 minutes per question so that means 2.3 hours of my study time was wasted. That might not seem like a lot but I work 35-40 hours a week and I have a 2 year old along with 15 units this quarter. So 2.3 hours is at times hard to find and for it to be wasted is not fun. I thought test were supposed to reflect your knowledge of the subject however my grade does not reflect my knowledge at all. There should be an asterisk or something to say that I actually scored better then my score shows.

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