Friday, June 15, 2007

No More: This is me

I am no longer a college student... I finished my college experience rather unceremoniously this afternoon. After arriving at school at around 8am I studied for 6 hours straight. Studying for six hours straight was not something I pictured myself doing on the last day of college, but that is exactly what I did. Then I walked into the lecture hall, sat down, and took the test. This next part did not go how I have imagined so many times before. When I was finished with the test I walked up to the front, turned in the test and walked out the door and to my car. I always that that I would do something crazy or high five someone...anyone. Instead I left the last class of my college carreer without a sound. Throughtout the day however I did have my little moments to savor the last day. I was in the chemistry study room I overheard several people talk about their school schedules next year. BioChem, P Chem, Linear Algebra ect. usually I would be involved in these conversations but today I just smiled to myself and thought of enjoying my summer and starting Pharm School in September.
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