Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thought on a Fathers Day

Since school has ended my life has been perfectly simple.  Wake up hang with the kids.  Go to work.  Come home and hang with the family....repeat.  It is a great feeling to have a clear mind in the evening and really be able to enjoy myself.  I know this next year will have it's challenges but I can't help but feel relief and excitement knowing that I will be judged by how hard I work and not by how much time I have to study.

The Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champions.  That was a tough gritty game seven, and all the more enjoyable because of it.  I always say that I would rather watch a blowout so that I can relax and enjoy.  This was far from relaxing but there is exciting to see the Celtics get their hearts ripped from their chests. Satisfied to say the least.

Ron Artest 2nd quarter Game 7 NBA finals
Ron Artest 3 pointer with 1 min left Game 7 NBA finals
Kobe Bryant  2010 NBA Finals MVP
Kobe Byrant more rings then Shaq
Kobe Bryant best basketball player on the planet

The Celtics and all their fans.  All the laker hating I had to endure for the last two months

To all my family and friend that have been there to support me and help me over the last 3 years of pharmacy school.  What would I do without all of you.

That ref that totally blew the call that caused the USA to not win their second World Cup game.  It was a horrible call that could cost the US a spot in the 16

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