Tuesday, April 24, 2007

T-3335 Hours and Counting

So I'm looking at my countdown to Pharmacy School, it is currently at 140 days. When I first added the counter to my blog it was at 167 days, I can't believe that it has already been 27 days since then. I haven't really paid much attention to the count down until today. I pulled out my check list of things to get done before pharmacy school starts and now I think that 140 days might not be enough.

List of things to get done in the next 140 days
1. hep C shots
2. Get Financial Aid taken care of
3. Find a new place to live
4. Graduate from CSUSB
5. Go to Hawaii for three weeks
6. Find a decent day care for my daughter
7. Pay off the credit cards
8. Pass A&P
9. Move into new place
10. Get my finger prints done

There is a lot more but I'd rather not rewrite the whole list

Unfortunately for some of my classes I am heading to Las Vegas this weekend. I have several midterms coming up next week so I guess that means that I have to study during the week before I go. This however is almost impossible, because I have roulette on my brain and I can't get is out

Between watching my wife play or playing myself I can usually spend about 80% of the time I'm in Vegas at the table. To anybody who has not had the chance to go to Las Vegas I suggest going. It is well worth the trip and the cost. We like to go for short 24 hour trips since we only live three hours away. The drive is nice with little traffic, we get a lot of talking and catching up done on the way out which is nice. Sometimes during the middle of the quarter we are so busy the only time we see each other is when we pass Ava off

The Lakers almost pulled off an upset win yesterday, I was very stressed. I couldn't even watch the last few minutes of the game because I the Lakers jut fell apart and Kobe became ice cold and was make very poor choices on his shot attempts. I have not lost hope, actually I think I have gained hope. I think they could pull this off in 7 games and finally repay the dept from last year
Good Luck Guys

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